I commute 5 hours round trip. These tech accessories make the journey quicker

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I test, review, and scout the best deals on tech for a living, from MagSafe accessories and iPhone battery packs, to iPad gear and beyond. I have the unique opportunity to try out new tech accessories everyday, and incorporate them into my daily routine and lifestyle. That includes taking them with me on my super commutes to the office. 

Beyond this, I am constantly checking out ZDNET’s competition for the newest products, reading up and researching on customer reviews across Reddit, Best Buy, Amazon, and more, collaborating with our other experts to analyze what makes devices good or bad, and compiling all of that knowledge to share it directly with you. 

For this particular article, if I hadn’t tested a product myself, I sought out a ZDNET expert who had. I considered price, quality, everyday function, practicality, and more to curate this list, and while my work bag is full of lots of interesting knick knacks and gadgets, these four remain steady, in some iteration. I’ll never be without earbuds, something to hold my transit card, a safety alarm, or a battery booster. 

And while there are tons of other tech products I could’ve convincingly written about and recommended you buy for your own commute, these are truly the top four things that I would recommend to my closest friends if they were embarking on a commuting journey (especially on public transit), and products I have already recommended tons of times over — both here at ZDNET and in my personal life. 

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