Windows 11 is finally getting a Settings page for managing your PCs and consoles

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Apple’s macOS and iOS both have a dedicated Settings page where you can check your connected phones, tablets, computers, and other devices and, if necessary, remove them from your account. Currently, Windows 11 does not have such a Settings page, but Microsoft is working on fixing that as soon as possible.

Besides ads on the Start menu, the latest Windows 11 Beta build contains a new Settings section called “Linked devices.” According to Microsoft and the official release notes, it is a place to manage PCs and Xbox consoles. If Microsoft had not abandoned Windows Phone, there would probably be smartphones, too.

We are introducing a new Linked devices page under Settings > Accounts that allows you to manage PCs and Xbox consoles that you are signed in to with your Microsoft account. This settings page will only show on the Home and Pro editions of Windows 11 and if you’re signed into Windows with your Microsoft account.

The Linked Devices settings section in Windows 11

After getting to build 22635.3495, you can find the new Settings section by heading to Settings > Accounts > Linked devices. The page will show all devices with your Microsoft Account, including additional information, such as serial number, OS version, RAM, processor, Windows build number, etc.

There are also additional links that let you remove a device from your Microsoft Account, link a new one, check the warranty, get support, see BitLocker information, etc. Sadly, none of those features works within the Settings app, which means clicking any of them launches your default browser and the website.

The Linked Devices settings section in Windows 11

The new “Linked devices” page is rolling out to all insiders in the Beta Channel with build 22635.3495. If, for some reason, you do not have it after the upgrade, use the ViVeTool app and the vivetool /enable /id:47448915,48546544 command (credit goes to PhantomOfEarth on X) to turn it on.

Microsoft does not say when the new Setting page will make it to the Stable Channel. Still, considering that Microsoft introduced it in the Beta Channel first, you can safely guess it will not take much time before we see it in production.

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