Xbox Insider Beta 2302.230119-0930 released, here’s what’s new

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Today, Microsoft has pushed a new Xbox Update Preview to the Beta ring of the Xbox Insiders Program. This update is primarily focused around bug fixes however there is one new feature coming with build 2302.230119-0930, which is more customisable power settings.

These features, first detailed in Microsoft’s announcement that Xbox will be the first “carbon-aware” console, are primarily focused around best utilising power draw, and reducing the impact on the local region’s power grid as shown in the screenshot below.

The new Shutdown energy saving option in Xbox consoles is showcased in comparison with other power o

To be able to access these new features, the console will first need to be in the Shutdown (energy saving) setting under the Power Options of the console, this will be selected by default for users who have the option available upon updating on Series X|S.

Other bug fixes contained within the update are as follows:


Fixed an issue where the icon for disc-based games may not appear on the dashboard.


Various updates to properly reflect local languages across the console.

There are a few issues which have been raised in previous insider builds which have yet to be fixed but have been acknowledged in this update. These are issues with audio, controllers randomly losing sync, HDMI-CEC, titles showing the trial tag incorrectly, and the console displaying the incorrect resolution on boot.

Source: Xbox Insider

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