Ubuntu 22.04.2 delayed by two weeks over Hardware Enablement kernel, due Feb. 23

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Canonical is delaying the launch of Ubuntu 22.04.2 by two weeks to February 23 after it encountered some issues pertaining to the new Hardware Enablement (HWE) kernels that are designed to make newer hardware work with the current long-term support edition of the operating system. People running Ubuntu 22.04 are not affected by this but those waiting on the point release with the HWE kernel will have to wait just a bit longer.

The Ubuntu 2204 LTS wallpaper

While attempting to bring the Linux 5.19 kernel that shipped with Ubuntu 22.10 to Ubuntu 22.04, Canonical ran into some unexpected compiler and DKMS issues which slowed the process down. By pushing the release out by two weeks, the company hopes that it can perform a bit more testing of the new kernel to ensure stability, after all, Ubuntu 22.04 is an LTS release and users expect stability.

In addition to the kernel issues, Canonical also prepared shim 15.7 (which provides UEFI support) for upload to its archive. As this version revokes the existing keys, the company wants to get things right so existing installations continue to work properly. As part of this process, all of the kernels that will be in Ubuntu 22.04.2 need to be rebuilt. The extra time will allow this work to be done more smoothly.

All this delay means is that you’ll have to wait a bit longer for the new Ubuntu 22.04.2 ISOs to be made available. If you already run Ubuntu 22.04, just keep applying any updates that are made available to stay up to date.

Source: Ubuntu Discourse via OMG! Ubuntu!

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