Mozilla releases another Firefox update to fix crashes during media playback

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Following a minor update to fix bugs in Firefox on Windows 11, Mozilla released yet another update with more fixes. Version 106.0.4 is now available for download in the Release channel, solving issues with crashes during media playback.

According to the release notes available in the official documentation, Firefox 106.0.4 fixes a rare issue causing crashes when playing DRM-protected videos. Another crash could happen when users navigate to about:support and trigger device reset—version 106.0.4 fixes that bug too. Finally, the latest Firefox release solves the problem with a broken layout of datetime input when switching types.

Here is the full changelog with links to the fixed bugs on Bugzilla:

  • Fixed an issue with DRM Video playback (bug 1797292).
  • Fixed broken layout of datetime input when switching types (bug 1797139).
  • Fixed a crash experienced by some users during media playback (bug 1792115).

Firefox will install the latest release automatically, but users can force-update the browser by navigating to Help > About Firefox. Alternatively, you can download and install Firefox 106.0.4 using an installer from the official website.

In case you missed it, Mozilla is considering extending support for Firefox on Windows 7. Microsoft will soon end the program providing extended support for its 13-year-old operating system, and developers of Chrome are also getting ready to abandon ship to let Windows 7 sink for good. Mozilla, as it seems, thinks it is better to continue supporting its browser for several more months since its Windows 7 audience remains relatively high.

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