Microsoft gives one month warning for Exchange Server 2013 EOL

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Microsoft has announced that Exchange Server 2013 users have just 31 days left to migrate away from Exchange Server 2013 before it reaches end of life and stops receiving updates. In a previous warning issued by the company, users were recommended to jump to Exchange Online or Exchange Server 2019.

While support is coming to an end soon, Microsoft has confirmed that the software will still continue to operate after its expiry date. Doing this could be risky, however, because any security flaws that are found will not be fixed by Microsoft and attackers could then exploit this to break into your systems.

Customers that choose to move to Exchange Online will be eligible to use Microsoft FastTrack which provides tools and resources to make the migration seamless. FastTrack also comes with a support engineer who will guide you through the migration if you need that help.

On April 11, 2023, Microsoft will no longer provide technical support for issues that occur, bug fixes for issues, security fixes for vulnerabilities, or time zone updates. To learn more, check out Microsoft’s Exchange 2013 end of support roadmap.

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