Microsoft adds SwiftKey features and the Android widget in this week’s Bing Chat update

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Thanks to the Build 2023 developers conference, Microsoft announced more upcoming features to its Bing Chat AI. However, it still had time to actually launch some updates related to Bing Chat this week.

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In its regular weekly Bing Chat blog post update, Microsoft noted a few updates related to its SwiftKey mobile keyboard. One of them helps users compose messages with AI:

We released a new Compose feature in SwiftKey that works similarly to Compose in Edge sidebar—it generates text for you based on your selected parameters, including subject, message tone, format, and length. For example, you can use it to quickly help you write an email to a service provider asking for a resolution on an issue. Then you can quickly edit your drafted mail and send it.

There are also two new writing tones in the Swiftkey compose feature: Witty and Funny, which should make messages a bit more humorous to read. Also, the AI translator already available for the Android version of SwiftKey is now live on the IOS version of the app.

Speaking of Android, Microsoft has now launched a Bing Chat widget for those devices that can be added to your phone or tablet’s home screen. You can find out how to add it on this Microsoft support page.

Finally, one of the most requested Bing Chat features was for it to give users better answers to sports questions. This week, Microsoft pushed out some improvements in that area:

We’ve taken steps to help Bing Chat give better answers if you’re asking questions about sports topics—including games, schedules, stats, and standings across a variety of sports. Love baseball? Ask Bing Chat “What MLB games ended today and what were the scores?” or “What are the stats from the latest Seattle Mariners game?” If you’re a cricket fan, ask Bing Chat “What’s the upcoming test match schedule between England and Australia?” or “Show me the Indian Premier League scores for 2023 in table format.”

During Build 2023, Microsoft announced that Bing search would be added for users of the ChatGPT chatbot. Last weekend, Microsoft quietly increased the number of characters in each Bing Chat question from 2,000 to 4,000.

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