iOS 18 concept gives us a glimpse of iPhone AI, and I loved it

iOS 18 announcement is expected in four months from now. This new concept shows everything I never thought I needed for Apple’s next major software upgrade – and AI is just a part of this big iPhone upgrade. These are some of the key imagined features:

YouTuber Concept Central starts by expanding Lock Screen customization. With previous iOS versions, you could add widgets and switch between different wallpapers. This time, the YouTuber imagines you can change the camera and flashlight buttons for other settings, such as Wi-Fi, Calculator, Dark Mode, Focus, etc. This is a long-requested feature, and it would be cool if Apple ever added it.

The video also expands another already-existing feature: Home Screen widgets. This time, there’s a compact widget, which needs the same space as two apps and could be very useful for playing Apple Music songs.

iPhone 15 Pro control centerImage source: José Adorno for BGR

Another change in the iOS 18 Home Screen this concept brings is the ability to add Control Center buttons to your iPhone’s main page. Imagine having Airplane Mode, Focus, or another Control Center widget right in front of your eyes. Simply genius.

Besides that, Dynamic Island could become way smarter with a simple toggle by making it a clipboard. In this iOS 18 concept, users could drag and drop photos and links to the Dynamic Island to open and paste them elsewhere. So handy.

I also enjoyed the possibility of stacking similar photos so they don’t show as 43843743 pictures you took while trying to find the best one.

And if it’s not enough, this stunning iOS 18 concept brings AI to the iPhone with an eraser toggle for images. This function is already available for Google and Samsung devices, but it would be nice to see Apple adding this capability as a built-in feature. Currently, users need a powerful app such as Photomator to perform these actions.

That said, these mentioned features barely scratch the surface of this concept. The YouTuber imagines even more features for Siri, Dynamic Island, Multitasking, etc.

iOS 18 expected features

Siri on the Vision Pro headset. Apple GPT
Siri on the Vision Pro headset. Image source: Apple Inc.

Unlike iPhone 16, which makes it easier to know upcoming changes, software-wise, it’s harder since Apple doesn’t need to share with the supply chain or people who don’t work in the company. Still, reports highlight that AI is going to play a big part in this operating system update. Among the changes, it’s expected that AI will be used in iOS 18 for the following scenarios:

  • Auto-summarizing and auto-complete features for core apps and productivity software (Pages, Keynote). This was also rumored by leaker yeux1122, which says code on iOS 18 suggests this function.
  • Better playlist creation in Apple Music
  • Siri (a big overall overhaul with a focus on AI)
  • Code completion in a new version of Xcode for developers
  • AppleCare tools to assist employees in helping customers with troubleshooting

Below, you can watch Concept Central’s idea. I really hope Apple has a few of these features being cooked up for iOS 18.

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