Here’s your guide to all the major (non-E3) streaming gaming events in the next few weeks

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E3 in 2011

We were supposed to be getting ready to go back to the Los Angeles Convention Center in less than a month to attend E3 2023. It would have been the first time the video game trade show would have held a physical event since 2019. Instead, due to a lack of interest in attending from most of the major game publishers, the event was canceled earlier this year. Right now, there don’t seem to be any plans to bring E3 back again.

However, that doesn’t mean gamers will have nothing to look forward to in the next few weeks. In fact, we will be getting a chance to watch a ton of major live-streaming events. They will be revealing lots of upcoming games, and new info on previously announced titles, starting next week and running through at least June 12.

Since there will be so many game streaming events coming up soon, we thought we would create a list of them so you can keep up with all of them during this pretty busy time in the game industry. We will update this post as needed as we go through the entire 2023 year in-game streaming events.

Sony PlayStation Showcase – May 24

sony playstation showcase
  • When to watch – May 24, 1 pm Pacific Time/4 pm Eastern time
  • Where to watch – Sony’s YouTube and Twitch channels
  • The official lineSony says: “The show will run a bit over an hour, focusing on PS5 and PS VR2 games in development from top studios from around the world. Expect a glimpse at several new creations from PlayStation Studios, as well as spellbinding games from our third-party partners and indie creators.”
  • What we expect – Sony will likely show off new gameplay footage, and maybe a release date, for Insomniac Studios Marvel superhero action game Spider-Man 2. We may also get some real gameplay from the same studio’s other Marvel game, Wolverine. Aside from that, it sounds like we will see a bunch of unannounced games. Hopefully, that means some new titles from Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, Santa Monica Studio, and more. We will also expect some new trailers from a bunch of third-party publishers and developers that might also bring those same games to the Xbox, Switch, and PC platforms.

Meta Quest Gaming Showcase – June 1

Meta Quest Gaming Showcase
  • When to Watch – June 1, 10 am Pacific time/1 pm Eastern time, with a pre-show at 9:45 am Pacific time
  • Where to Watch – Meta’s official YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook channels.
  • The Official LineMeta is only saying we can “exclusive game reveals and more”. It adds, “if you stick around after the show, we’ll dive deep into the reveals with some of your favorite VR content creators.”
  • What We Expect – Meta most likely won’t reveal any new hardware, although they may tease us with something during the event. However, we do expect to see a lot of major gaming and media IP showing up with new games for their virtual reality headsets.

Summer Games Fest – June 8

summer game fest

Day of the Devs – June 8

Day of the devs
  • When to Watch – June 8, 2 pm Pacific time, 5 pm Eastern time
  • Where to WatchThe Game Awards’ YouTube channel
  • The Official Line – You can expect to see new games and new trailers from a large number of indie game developers. This is sponsored by Microsoft’s Double Fine and iam8bit
  • What We Expect – If you love games made by smaller indie developers, stay tuned just after Summer Games Fest for some cool and even groundbreaking game reveals.

Future Games Show Summer Showcase – June 10

future games show
  • When to Watch – June 10 at 10 am Pacific time/ 1 pm Eastern time
  • Where to Watch – Future Games Show on YouTube
  • The Official Line – We can expect some “world premieres” and “exclusive trailers” from this event
  • What We Expect – In the past, we have seen major reveals and new gameplay footage from both big publishers and developers along with smaller indie titles, and we don’t expect this to change for this summer’s event. Sometimes, there are even free demos that are released of the games shown in the show during the event.

Xbox Games Showcase and Starfield Direct – June 11

Xbox Logo white on dark blue background with green outer glow
  • When to Watch – June 11, 10 am Pacific time, 1 pm Pacific time
  • Where to Watch – Xbox’s YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook channels
  • The Official Line – “Join us for some new surprises and first-looks from our incredibly talented internal studios, and our many creative partners around the world. Starfield Direct will invite you inside Bethesda Game Studios to learn much, much more about Starfield, with tons of new gameplay, developer interviews, and behind-the-scenes insider information”
  • What We Expect – We want to see Microsoft pull out all of its big guns. We want to see new footage from Hellblade II, State of Decay 3, Forza Motorsport, and some stuff we don’t expect. The Starfield Direct event should also wow us with some cool footage and info on this long-awaited game from Bethesda Game Studios.

The PC Gaming Show – June 11

  • When to Watch – June 11, 1 pm Pacific time, 4 pm Eastern time
  • Where to Watch – On PC Gamers’ YouTube and Twitch channels
  • The Official Line – PC Games says we can expect to see “55 games, including over 15 game announcements, from studios around the world.”
  • What We Expect – This is always one of the most fun game streaming events to watch all year, because it concentrates on PC games. These games may appear elsewhere but its the PC that’s the main platform for all of these titles. Again, we could see some free demos for some of these games released during the event.

Ubisoft Forward – June 12

Ubisoft Forward 2022 artwork
  • When to Watch – June 12, times TBA
  • Where to Watch – Ubisoft’s YouTube and Twitch channels.
  • The Official Line – Ubisoft says we can expect to see the “latest game updates, news, and reveals from Ubisoft, live and in-person from Los Angeles.”
  • What We Expect – We want to see updates for Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Skull and Bones, that long-in development Avatar movie game, and much more from this event.

Devolver Digital Direct – June

Devolver Digital logo

  • When to Watch – June TBD
  • Where to Watch – Devolver Digital’s YouTube channel
  • The Official Line – Right now, all we know is that there will be an event in June from Devolver Digital.
  • What We Expect – It may not be the biggest, but it’s certainly the wildest and funniest game-streaming event of the year, period. You can expect lots of comedic violence, satire, and some game reveals as well.

That’s all we have so far. Again, we will be updating this post with more info on the various streaming event over the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

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