Google introduces new Circle to Search feature on Android

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Since our earliest days, we’ve been focused on helping connect people’s curiosity to the information they’re seeking. And through our investments in AI, we’ve developed completely new ways to express what you’re looking for, in the way that’s most natural to you.

Beyond text, we’ve already made it possible to ask a question aloud with your voice, find the name of a song just by humming it or search what you see using Lens. With every technological breakthrough, we’ve gotten closer to helping you search any way, anywhere. And today, we’re sharing our latest step toward that goal: Circle to Search.

Introducing Circle to Search

Our phones are a window to the world’s information — whether it’s to explore a passion, solve a problem, buy the perfect gift, learn a new skill or simply find a reason to smile. And when you’re truly immersed in a moment of discovery or exploration, it can feel disruptive to stop what you’re doing and switch to another app to learn more.

That’s why we’re introducing Circle to Search, a new way to search anything on your Android phone without switching apps. Now, with a simple gesture, you can select what you’re curious about in whatever way comes naturally to you — like circling, highlighting, scribbling or tapping — and get more information right where you are.

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