Google halts the enterprise sale of Google Glass

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via Alphabet

Think Google Glass was dead long ago? Think again.

Google has officially stopped selling the enterprise edition of its augmented reality smart glasses since yesterday, March 15. “Thank you for over a decade of innovation and partnership,” Google states on the Glass website.

There’s no need to panic if you’re a current Glass Enterprise user, as the search giant will continue to support the device until September 15, 2023. However, Google has no plans to deploy software updates for the device. Google will also continue to replace Glass devices until September 15, 2023. Finally, the Meet on Glass app, Google’s videoconferencing service, will not receive ongoing support from Google after the same date, and the app may stop working any time once that date lapses.

Google Glass was first sold to developers and early adopters in late 2013 for $1,500. But despite various improvements and updates to the device, Glass failed to become a mainstream product. The device was even banned in various places due to privacy issues. In 2015, Google Glass sales were suspended and the project was placed under a different management. Two years later, Google repositioned Glass as a tool for businesses and called it “Glass Enterprise edition.” Its second version was released in 2019.


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