ASUS ROG Ally will continue to get new features and improvements before its June 13 launch

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asus rog ally

ASUS announced earlier this month that its highly anticipated ROG Ally portable gaming PC will launch on June 13 for $699.99. Since then, there have been early reviews of the Windows 11-based device that have mentioned some issues with the ROG Ally.

This week, ASUS took the time to answer questions from the gaming community in a live stream that was posted on YouTube. It was hosted by ASUS team members Jake Kulinski and Whitson Gordon. One of the things that was mentioned is that the company is continuing to make changes and improvements to the ROG Ally before it officially ships to buyers.

One of those improvements will be for reviewers who have reported buttons sticking on their review units of the ROG Ally. The hosts in the live stream stated those issues have since been fixed, and the units that will ship to consumers on June 13 will not experience those problems. The hosts also said they are making tweaks to both performance and battery life for the ROG Ally before launch.

The onboard SSD can also be upgraded in the ROG Ally by consumers and it’s easily accessible by just unscrewing a few screws in the back. In fact, ASUS plans to do a online live teardown of the ROG Ally in the next few weeks.

Just a reminder: The model of the ASUS ROG Ally that will ship in June has the new AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor inside, along with a 7-inch 1080p 120Hz display, 512GB of onboard storage, and 16GB of RAM. It’s available for preorder now at Best Buy. It will also come with three months of free access to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service.

There will be a model released with the less powerful AMD Ryzen Z1 processor and just 256GB of storage for $599.99. It will be available to order later in 2023.

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