You can now virtually explore the Star Trek franchise with the Apple Vision Pro headset

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apple vision pro star trek

The Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset officially went on sale this week. The $3,499 device supports over 600 apps that were made specifically for the headset, including games, streaming services like Disney+ and Max, and even Microsoft’s suite of productivity products.

One of the most interesting native Vision Pro apps that’s available to download for free (at least for now) is officially named The Archive in the app store. However, that name doesn’t really tell the full story. The Archive app is basically a doorway to virtually explore tons of ships, locations, and other parts of the nearly 60-year-old Star Trek movie and TV franchise.

The app was developed by Otoy, in collaboration with Star Trek’s owner Paramount and The Gene Roddenberry Estate. The app lets Vision Pro owners walk through a ton of the ships in the Star Trek franchise, from the original USS Enterprise to the newest ships, such as the USS Cerritos from Lower Decks.

In a press release: Otoy stated:

They can inspect each item on Captain Kirk’s shelf, take a seat at Quark’s bar on the Deep Space Nine Promenade, or launch a shuttle from the U.S.S. Enterprise-D’s hangar bay. With Apple SharePlay, a visit through the world of Star Trek can also become a shared social experience that can be live streamed with friends and family over FaceTime.

The Vision Pro app even lets owners view virtual versions of ships like the USS Enterprise-D as if the models of those ships were inside their own living rooms.

In addition to all the mixed reality features, The Archive app includes lots of videos with behind-the-scenes info on the making of the various Star Trek films and series, and original interviews with actors, writers, and even people like George Lucas who have been inspired by Star Trek.

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