World Health Organization and Google’s collaboration to provide health information

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This work is part of a collaboration with WHO to help accelerate the digital transformation of health systems around the world with approaches that are effective, interoperable, and impactful . Early adopters are using OHS components to build platforms and solutions that are being deployed across Sub-Saharan Africa, India and Southeast Asia. These include early implementations of the WHO SMART Guidelines content, a new approach for making evidence-based guidelines more accessible to frontline health workers through digital tools. By empowering local entrepreneurs to support public health we contribute to systems that are adaptable, manageable and sustainable.

Connecting people to health information from WHO

To help WHO connect as many people as possible with authoritative information, awarded the organization more than $320 million in donated Google Search advertising via Ad Grants. This has been Google’s largest Ad Grants donation to a single organization.

WHO has shifted how it uses Ad Grants to public health topics beyond COVID-19, such as Mpox, mental health, flu, Ebola, and natural disasters. As a result, the organization served over 28 million public service announcements in six languages, resulting in over 2.7 million visits to their website.

Today we are announcing that for 2023, is providing another $50M in Ad Grants to support WHO in continuing their impactful work in public health.

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