Wine 8.4 released with initial native support for Wayland

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If you’ve ever tried to get a Windows program running on Linux, there’s a good chance you’ve come across Wine. This compatibility layer allows you to run, with varying degrees of success, Windows programs in Linux. Now, the developers have done initial work on the Wayland graphics driver so that it’s closer to working properly under the newer Wayland display server that is trying to replace X11.

This early-stage work on the Wayland driver was contributed by Alexandros Frantzis, here are the release notes pertaining to these improvements:

  • winewayland.drv: Add initial driver stub.
  • winewayland.drv: Add initial unixlib stub.
  • winewayland.drv: Perform basic per-process Wayland initialization.
  • win32u: Allow drivers to set the null user driver.
  • winewayland.drv: Report basic monitor information.
  • winewayland.drv: Report all advertised monitor modes to Wine.

As you can probably tell from reading the above information, the Wayland driver is not ready for end users to take advantage of just yet but it shows that the developers are now working to introduce native Wayland support.

Aside from initial work on Wayland, Wine 8.4 delivers clean-ups in IME support, a number of test fixes, and various bug fixes. You can find binary packages for your distribution on the Wine download page.

Source: WineHQ via Phoronix

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