We Get a Taste of Smuggler Life in Star Wars Outlaws

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One of the elements I really liked here was that if you should ever lose your way, you can always ask the adorable, armadillo-like Nix. Beyond being cute as heck, Nix’s power allows enemies and objectives to be temporarily highlighted, helping you find your way through a level or sneak past enemies. Despite my best efforts, however, I was always quickly detected which would then kick off a firefight.

Combat feels solid, between throwing a punch and blasting enemies, everything feels fluid and responsive. Kay’s unique blaster features three modes: Plasma (lethal), Ion (droids), and Stun (non-lethal). She also has a focus-like ability that slows down time and lets you mark a handful of enemies, letting her rattle off a series of shots as time returns to normal.

She can also pick up any weapon that falls to the ground from defeated foes to use against them, but won’t retain it in her inventory, dropping it once it has served its purpose. I like the decision here because it grounds the game a bit in Star Wars’ reality – there’s no magic backpack that lets you stockpile a variety of weapons. So, expect to lean in on Kay’s blaster for most of these firefights.

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