This $20 USB-C cable comes with a built-in power meter for the data enthusiast

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Plugable USB-C Power Meter

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If you’re curious about your power draw or consumption or whether your fast charger is really delivering on its promise, this USB-C extension cable has a built-in power meter that will tell you.

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The Plugable USB-C extension cable offers high-speed charging up to 240W and 10Gbps of data. The Plugable extension cable is one meter long, so you can plug it into devices farther away.

Plugable USB-C Power Meter


Plugable USB-C extension cable

The Plugable USB-C extension cable works with almost all USB-C-compatible devices. It offers high-speed charging up to 240W and 10Gbps of data. 

The built-in power meter is digital and backlit, so you can easily read the wattage output even in dimly lit environments. 

The Plugable USB-C extension cable is compatible with almost all USB-C-compatible devices from manufacturers like Apple, Dell, Microsoft, Samsung, and HP. This cable also supports Alt Mode video playback up to 4K 60Hz and offers customers a two-year warranty.

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Plugable debuted the USB-C extension cable this week, and customers can purchase it on Amazon for $19.95. If you have an Amazon account, you can apply a $4 coupon to the cable upon purchase. 

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