The self-care desk accessory you didn’t know you needed

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The 750 ML Glass Water Bottle.

It’s an elegant and functional water bottle.

Jack Wallen/ZDNET

I drink a lot of water, and so should you. Experts recommend the average human should drink about half a gallon of water a day. That’s great in theory, but tougher in practice, especially when you spend most of your working day tied to a desk.

One way to make sure you stay is hydrated is to have a water bottle close to hand. Until recently, I drank from either a plastic or metal water bottle. The problem with a plastic water bottle is that a rather unpleasant taste accumulates if water remains in it for too long. 

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The longer the water remains, the worse the taste. It doesn’t matter how old the bottle is or how many times you wash it, the taste always comes back. And you’re not going to stay hydrated if water tastes bad.

On my desk, I’ve used a metal water bottle. But, strangely enough, the same thing happens. If the water stands for any length of time, an odd taste eventually befouls the water. Under normal circumstances, I tend to drink the water pretty fast, but that’s not always the case.

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All of that was remedied when my wife purchased a trio of glass water bottles. When the package arrived, she realized the larger of the bottles was too big for her to hold, so she asked if I wanted it. Initially, I hesitated — but I eventually succumbed to the sparkling clear, clean design of the bottle. I’m so glad I did.



BINCOO Glass Water Bottle

Made of high-quality borosilicate glass that’s known for its durability, temperature resistance, and clarity.

The first day I filled the bottle, I drank from it and thought nothing about the bottle. The water tasted like water and the top did a very good job of preventing leaks or spills. The simplicity of the design was not just attractive but effective. Unlike my metal bottle, I didn’t have to unscrew the lid. And unlike my plastic bottle, I didn’t have to hope the silicon bite valve wasn’t covered with cat fur or misaligned. With this bottle, all I had to do was pop off the top and drink.

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The surprise came later on that day. After I’d stepped away from my desk for a few hours, I popped off the cap and took a sip. To my surprise, the water still tasted like…you guessed it…water. Had I been drinking from either my metal or plastic bottle, there would have been a distinct (and unpleasant) flavor. Not with this bottle. And no matter how long the water sat, the water still tasted like water. 

Yes, it’s glass, so it’s breakable but it comes with an insulated sleeve, so you can pack the glass bottle with you and not worry so much about the bottle slipping out of your hand or the water getting warm too quickly. 

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But for those who use the bottles strictly in the home, the sleeve might be overkill. Plus, the clean look of the bottle is quite nice (especially for those who prefer a minimal design aesthetic). On top of that, there’s an interesting set of markings on the bottle that the sleeve would cover.

Those markings…

If you look on the bottle, you’ll find markings that might be a bit confusing at first. Take, for instance, the 750ml bottle, which has (from top to bottom): Full, 8am, 1pm, 9am, 2pm, 10am, 3pm, 11am, 4pm, 12am, 5pm, REFILL.

The Glass Water Bottle markings.

The markings are a bit confusing at first.

Jack Wallen/ZDNET

Here’s how that system works. By 8am, you should have consumed water to the 8am line. By 9am you should have consumed water to the 9am line. Continue that until you get to the 12am mark (which should actually be 12pm). When you get to the REFILL mark, refill the bottle. Then, by 1pm, you should have consumed water to the 1pm mark. Keep going until you get to the REFILL mark. 

I don’t bother keeping up with the markings because I drink more water than that. In fact, by 9am this morning, I was already having to refill the bottle. But even if you don’t mind the marks, they’re at least minimal enough to not be a bother.

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I realize $28.99 for two glass water bottles might seem a steep price for some. However, when you consider the danger microplastic poses to the environment, paying a bit extra for a water bottle that will last (so long as you don’t lose it or drop it) — and that never changes the quality of your water — makes it well worth the cost. 

If this is right up your alley, order your glass bottle today.

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