The best noise-canceling earbuds: Expert tested

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Sony WF-1000XM4 features: Battery life: 8 hours | Waterproof rating: IPX4 | Earbud weight: 7.3g each | Wireless charging: Yes

Sound quality was Sony’s top priority when designing these wireless earbuds, and it knocked it out of the park. With newly designed 6mm drivers, these earbuds reproduce dynamic sound. Additionally, the Integrated Processor V1 enhances sound quality and reduces background noise with the “industry’s highest level of noise-canceling” tech. 

Sony didn’t stop with a new processor and advanced drivers; their LDAC technology also allows high-resolution audio to play through the speakers. 

I use my wireless earbuds most at work and school. That being said, there are plenty of times I need to take my earbuds out to converse throughout the day. These earbuds can detect when you’re talking and turn off noise cancellation in response, so you can talk with others without removing them from your ears.

Review: Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds review: Superb noise cancellation, clear calls, and long battery life

When ZDNET’s Matt Miller reviewed the buds back in 2021, he noticed how noise cancellation also enhanced the quality of his phone calls on both sides of the conversation.

“Callers said I sounded crystal clear and they could not tell at all that I was on a wireless headset, not to mention simple earbuds. On my end, the callers were also crisp and clear, just like they were in the room talking with me,” he says. 

Lastly, sound quality is just as important as comfort when it comes to earbuds. Sony created this product with an ergonomic surface design, so listeners don’t have to deal with uncomfortable listening.

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