The 8 best back-to-school deals on Amazon right now

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In the northeast, it’s already starting to feel like autumn. The leaves aren’t yet turning orange, yellow, and beautiful shades of red, but it is getting much colder outside, especially at night with the sun setting earlier. And, well, the air smells of football, pumpkins, and dewy grass. Let’s face it: Summer is ending, and school is starting back up for college and K-12 students. 

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Whether or not you’re ready, it’s officially time to say begin back-to-school shopping, either for yourself or for your kid. With prices reaching an all-time high with inflation, it can feel like a mammoth task to stretch your dollar. But there are great deals to be found if you know where to look — and we hunted them down for you.  

We hand-picked products that students need for school, and we ran each of these items through price trackers to ensure you’re getting a deal. Anything less than 15% off we didn’t include — we don’t view 10% off deals as a true deal. And anything that was purposefully price gouged to look like a deal has been left off the list, too, ensuring you truly are getting a great deal on these items.

Here, then, are some of the best deals to be found on school supplies on Amazon.  AmazonCurrent Price: $293Original Price: $549

This 13.3-inch two-in-one comes with an FHD touchscreen, up to 64GB of storage, and 8GB RAM. With up to 10 hours of battery life, it’s a great option for carrying around campus all day and late-night study sessions at the library. 

At 46% off, we’re surprise by how great of a deal this is. It’s low in stock, so order it ASAP.

AmazonCurrent Price: $166Original Price: $199

Several Beats headphones and earbuds are actually on sale through Amazon right now, but this model is one of the best deals we spotted. It’s wireless, so there’s no need for a smartphone with a headphone jack. And since they’re over-ears style, they’re great for noise reduction and focusing on getting your homework done. 

Best BuyCurrent Price: $129Original Price: $199

Sending your kid off to college? A 32-inch TV is perfect for those cramped dorm living quarters, and this HD option promises top-quality picture on the screen. The remote comes with Alexa, so your kid can use voice control when they lose the remote under the laundry pile, too.

AmazonCurrent Price: $39Original Price: $49

For the students who want to listen to music or set a hands-free alarm, the Echo Dot 4th Gen is a great addition to morning routines. It can even set homework due date reminders and so much more. You can also get a wall mount to save precious tabletop space in a dorm room, too.

AmazonCurrent Price: $69Original Price: $99

Having a printer in your dorm room can save you valuable time heading to the library or another college building to print off those papers. This handy, no-frills printer can print from tablets and mobile devices, making it easy to prep for the next presentation.

AmazonCurrent Price: $257Original Price: $419

No dorm room is complete without a mini fridge to store favorite cold brew coffees and snacks. It boasts 4.4 cubic feet of space, and you can adjust the door hinges to swing either way to maximize the dorm room space.

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AmazonCurrent Price: $28Original Price: $39

With some schools requiring transparent backpacks now, this option is perfect and provides thick straps to help support carrying a bunch of textbooks and homework. The straps come in multiple colors to give students some personalization options for the new school year.

AmazonCurrent Price: $11Original Price: $27

Blue is an acceptable color for working and writing in most classes, and at 59% off, this 12-pack from Pilot is a great deal. As a self-decreed “pen snob,” these are the only pens I use for my own writing at home and at the office. The smooth glide these pens provide can’t be beat. 

If you absolutely need the black set, they’re only $1 more.

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