Teacher Who Quit Job For OnlyFans Says She’s Made $1 Million

has given birth to the creator economy, and these platforms have created an influx of new jobs that have never before existed.

                                                        Instagram via Courtney Tillia
                                                                    Instagram via Courtney TilliaOne of these outlets is <a target="_blank" href="https://www.entrepreneur.com/topic/onlyfans" class="auto-tagged ga-click ai-metadata" data-ga-category="autotag-linking" data-ga-label="ai-metadata" data-ga-action="/topic/onlyfans" rel="noopener">OnlyFans</a>, a subscription-based creator platform founded in 2016 that is known for its provocative and explicit photos and videos — much sexier than your average <a target="_blank" href="https://www.entrepreneur.com/topic/instagram" class="auto-tagged ga-click ai-metadata" data-ga-category="autotag-linking" data-ga-label="ai-metadata" data-ga-action="/topic/instagram" rel="noopener">Instagram</a>.

And for one -based former teacher, the platform has helped her become a millionaire in just three years.

Talk about a side hustle!

Courtney Tillia, a former teacher, who quit her job in 2016, started using the platform as a way to bring in more cash but quickly found that her earnings were much more fruitful than she could have imagined.

Surprisingly, Tillia told TMZ that she received an outpouring of support and kind messages from others supporting her , including other teachers who commended her decision to leave the industry.

‘As a veteran educator I ain’t made at all,” one person commented on Tillia’s Instagram.

“Good thing she changed career[s] teachers don’t get paid much,” another person said bluntly. “It’s about the money.”

Though salaries vary by state, the estimated average salary for a public school teacher in the United States in 2021 was $64,524.

In July, a teacher in Ohio went viral on TikTok for saying he is quitting his teaching job to work at Walmart, where he will make more money.

Tillia told the outlet that she misses her students but felt “underpaid” and ‘unappreciated” in her former role. She also shared that her husband helps take her photos for her to post to her subscribers.

Tillia also runs her own self-titled website where she offers coaching sessions on OnlyFans and different forms of “sexpression” through different packages.

Though Tillia’s career choice might not be for everyone, having financial freedom definitely is.

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