Surface Laptop Studio 2 and Laptop Go 3 will reportedly cost up to $1,000 more

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Surface Laptop Go 3

Microsoft’s special Surface presentation will officially take place on September 21. As reported last week, the company is expected to release four models, including Surface Laptop Studio 2 and Surface Laptop Go 3. Today, promotional images of the two laptops leaked online, suggesting that Microsoft is planning significant price hikes up to $1,000.

According to WinFuture, the Surface Laptop Studio 2 retains the unique dynamic canvas design with a 14.4-inch touchscreen that can fold flat. However, it now features a more powerful Intel Raptor Lake H-series CPU up to the Core i7-13700H or Core i7-13800H. Graphics options are also upgraded with Nvidia’s RTX 40-series GPUs up to the RTX 4060.

RAM and storage capacities will also reportedly see a boost, with the Laptop Studio 2 now available with up to 64GB of RAM and 2TB of SSD storage. It will also reportedly gain the addition of full-sized USB-A and MicroSD card reader ports.

Reported prices start at €2,249 ($2,413) for the basic Intel Xe GPU model and go up to €3,199 ($3,433) for a high-end RTX 4060 configuration. It’s worth noting that the first model starts at $1599.

Surface Laptop Go 3

In contrast, the Surface Laptop Go 3 receives only an internal hardware refresh. It sticks to the same compact clamshell design and 12.4-inch display but now uses Intel’s 12th-generation Core i5-1235U processor.

This Alder Lake CPU features 2 performance cores and 8 efficient cores for improved multitasking and higher peak speeds up to 4.4GHz compared to previous models. Storage and RAM remain at 256GB and 8GB, respectively.

The Surface Laptop Go 3 will reportedly be more expensive than its predecessor, with an entry price of €899 ($956). The first model started at $599.

Surface Laptop Go 3

Interestingly, there is no information about the next-gen Surface Pro or Surface Laptop. The new Surface devices are expected to begin shipping to customers in early October.

Source and images: WinFuture

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