Sidekick promises a modern, ‘distraction-free’ cross-platform browser

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A screenshot of the Sidekick browser

Every respectable developer makes accessibility an integral part of their projects to ensure a great experience for everyone, regardless of their physical abilities. Microsoft, for example, includes new accessibility features with every Windows feature update. Still, some cases require a more direct approach. Developers behind the new Sidekick browser have made their goal to provide customers with a distraction-free experience for those struggling to stay focused when working.

Sidekick is a relatively new Chromium-based project that will benefit not only those with ADHD (the project was founded by a person diagnosed with ADHD). Thanks to removed trackers, memory optimizations, and tab suspension, developers promise better speed, reducing the temptation to distract while a webpage is loading.

A screenshot of the Sidekick browser

If the temptation is still too high to overcome, Sidekick can help you stay focused with the distraction blocker feature. You can set rules to redirect social media websites to your work or creativity-related pages. For example, an attempt to open Instagram will result in Gmail appearing on your screen. There is also a Task Manager with the ability to pin tasks as sticky notes on the desktop and a built-in Pomodoro timer to balance work and rest cycles.

A screenshot of the Sidekick browser

The browser also wants to win users’ hearts by offering advanced productivity features. It provides integrations with popular services like Slack, Gmail, Telegram, Skype, Notion, and more. Besides, users can connect multiple accounts to stay on top of things. A split-screen mode allows you to work with two tabs in one window, plus a session manager for tab grouping. Finally, a dedicated focus mode can silence all notifications to reduce distractions even more.

A screenshot of the Sidekick browser

If you frequently attend meetings, calendar integration will ensure you get a notification two minutes before the meeting with a one-click option for joining.

The Sidekick browser is available for free on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Those wanting more can opt for Sidekick Pro, a subscription service that offers more features for $8/mo. It includes password sharing, unlimited sidebar apps, split view, multiple workspaces, and more. It is not easy for a browser to set itself apart in the market dominated by Chrome and Edge. Still, Sidekick’s productivity and focus-oriented features may tempt users to try the project.

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