ShareX 15 Beta is out with new tools, better UI, and other improvements

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ShareX, our favorite screenshot tool we recently included in our “Top 11 Apps for Windows 11 Users“, has been updated to version 15. ShareX 15 beta is now available for download with several new tools, UI tweaks, and other improvements.

A screenshot of the ShareX 15 Beta app

Here are the key changes in ShareX 15 beta:

  • A new dark theme (the old variant was renamed to “Night”).
  • A new “Pin to screen” tool that lets you place a screenshot on display and keep it there. You can move, resize, minimize, and copy pinned images. Also, ShareX 15 beta allows changing pinned screenshots’ opacity.
  • Improved hotkey settings window with new drop-down menus that allow changing tasks without opening the task settings window.
  • A new “Cout out” tool in the image editor with four different effects: no effect, sawtooth, torn edges, and wave.
  • A new “Freehand arrow” annotation tool.
  • The screen recorder now allows pausing the ongoing recording and moving the region when on pause.

The complete release notes are available on the official website, where you can also download the latest ShareX 15 beta build (users can get the app on GitHub, Steam, and Microsoft Store).

ShareX is available for free, and those willing to support the development can donate using GitHub Sponsor, Patron, and cryptocurrencies.

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