Save big on hotels, car rentals, and theme park tickets with this Travel Buyers Club deal

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Travel Buyers Club

Buy a lifetime membership to Travel Buyers Club for just $40 with this deal.


Looking to travel this fall or holiday season? Whether you want to visit family and friends, sit on a beach and decompress from the stresses of daily life, broaden your horizons and learn about other cultures, or see truly magnificent life-altering sites, one thing is true: It can get expensive, fast. 

A membership to the Travel Buyers Club can help you book all your travel plans for much less than the average traveler. For just $40 for a one-year membership, you’ll unlock exclusive lower economic, business, and first-class flight rates. There are also bonus savings with coupon codes that get you $25 off premium economy flights and $50 off business or first-class flights.

Plus, you’ll get reduced rates at top hotels and major car rental companies worldwide. This membership gives you access to secret deals you wouldn’t otherwise know about without membership — not even from well-known travel names like Priceline and Expedia. Only logged-in members are able to see exclusive discounted rates.

Travel Buyers Club is also an authorized reseller of major theme parks such as Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Legoland, and Universal Studios. For those who love a good ride or theme park attraction, this means you are able to save money on tickets, feeling confident that your reduced-rate tickets are from a legitimate, trusted source.

If you usually visit family or other places during the holiday season — or if the thought of adventures near and far gets your motor running — this membership is for you.

Enjoy exclusive savings ahead of your holiday travel with a one-year Travel Buyers Club membership for just $40 (reg. $99).

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