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Close-up of a wallet, remote, and key ring with Tile tracking devices attached


As someone who found herself embroiled in the FAA outage this morning, when I rebooked my flight, my luggage didn’t track information, so it didn’t show up on my new flight confirmation. However, I wasn’t too worried about knowing where my bags were thanks to the Tile Mate tracker I tucked in my suitcase. If you don’t have one and want to give yourself peace of mind during your next flight, I checked — and the Tile Mate is 20% off right now and will only set you back $20.

At first, I didn’t believe in the power of the Tile Mate, but this small device truly is a handy device. There are two models out there that are on sale right now: The Tile Mate and the Tile Pro. While the Pro isn’t on sale, the Mate will serve your needs just fine. It can track the last logged location of your luggage to make sure that when you land, you know if your luggage is on your flight thanks to its 250-foot Bluetooth range.

As a heads up, it cannot act as a GPS for your luggage. However, you can still (sort of) track your luggage if you feel it’s lost. If you mark your item as lost on the Tile app, provided there is a Tile tracker near your lost luggage, you’ll automatically receive an updated location notification.

The Tile Mate lasts up to three years on a single charge and comes with IP67 water resistance. It’s also compatible with Alexa, Google, and Siri, and comes in two colors. Aside from luggage, the Tile Mate can be used to keep an eye on a handbag, key ring set, and more.

Thanks to the Tile Mate tracker, I can have peace of mind when I travel, and for $20, it’s a small but mighty investment for travelers and other jet-setters. At 20% off, it’s much cheaper than worrying about replacing an entire luggage bag’s worth of contents.

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