Samsung announces new 200MP ISOCELL HP2 sensor for next-gen flagship smartphones

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The Samsung ISOCELL HP2 camera sensor

Samsung has announced its next-gen high-resolution camera sensor for flagship smartphones. Dubbed “ISOCELL HP2,” the new model delivers 200MP resolution to enhance image details and low-light performance.

According to Samsung, packing 200 million 0.6-micrometer pixels in a 1/1.3″ sensor enables higher-resolution photos with more details while retaining the physical size of a camera module. Customers can enjoy better images without camera bumps getting bigger.

Like other high-resolution sensors, the ISOCELL HP2 can combine pixels to provide optimal performance depending on available light. For example, the sensor can switch to 50MP 1.2-micrometer mode or 12.5MP 2.4-micrometer mode to gather more light and work better in low-light scenarios.

The Samsung ISOCELL HP2 camera sensor

Phones with the ISOCELL HP2 sensor will also perform better in brightly lit environments thanks to Samsung’s new Dual Vertical Transfer Gate technology. D-VTG adds a second transfer gate in the pixel to boost its full-well capacity (the amount of charge each pixel can hold before saturating and spreading the charge to the neighboring pixels and causing blooming) by more than 33%. Samsung says the increased full-well capacity reduces overexposure and enhances color reproduction.

Samsung’s latest camera sensor also offers improved auto-focus in low-light scenarios. Cameras with the ISOCELL HP2 can use all 200 million pixels grouped by four to focus quickly and reliably.

Samsung is already mass-producing the ISOCELL HP2, so expect the sensor to appear in the 2023 flagship smartphones, such as the upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra.

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