Our response to U.S. v. Google

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Notably, in 2014 when Mozilla chose to make Yahoo! the default search engine, many people actually switched back to Google. In other words, while default settings matter (that’s why we bid for them), they’re easy to change. People can and do switch.

By contrast, Microsoft preloads its Edge browser on Windows, makes Bing the default search engine, and aggressively makes it much more difficult to switch. Despite this, the overwhelming majority of Microsoft users choose to search with Google. In fact, “Google” is the number one search query on Bing worldwide. Contrary to the DOJ’s theory, people know they have choices, and they make them.

The same is true for smartphones. It’s easy to download apps — you probably do it all the time. Some of the most popular apps like Spotify, Instagram, TikTok, Uber and Amazon aren’t preloaded on mobile devices. (And some that are preloaded don’t do so well.)

The bottom line is that success doesn’t come from preloading — it comes from innovation and offering helpful products that people want to use.

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