OpenAI delays GPT Store launch due to “a few unexpected things keeping them busy”

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OpenAI is reportedly pushing back the launch of its planned marketplace for custom AI models. Dubbed the “GPT Store”, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman first announced the online platform at the DevDay event earlier last month.

It was intended to let customers design and deploy their own versions of GPT trained on custom datasets for specialized tasks. OpenAI will spotlight specific creations that are the most “useful and delightful” in different categories, such as productivity, education, and “just for fun.”

The company emphasizes the privacy and safety controls within GPTs, and chats within them are not shared with the builders. If a GPT uses third-party APIs, a user can choose whether or not to share their data with that API.

However, according to an internal memo obtained by Reuters, OpenAI will now delay the launch of the GPT Store until early 2024. In the memo, the AI lab wrote that “a few unexpected things have been keeping us busy,” preventing a launch this month as originally anticipated.

The delay comes at a tumultuous time for OpenAI. Just last two week, Sam Altman was unexpectedly dismissed from his CEO role before being reinstated only a few days later amid threats of employee resignations. Then, the company announced it had reached an “agreement in principle” for Altman to resume his role as CEO alongside a new interim board.

While the reasons for the GPT Store delay were not explicitly stated, the memo suggests that the recent leadership turmoil may have played a role. OpenAI also said it will continue improving its GPT models based on customer feedback in the interim.

When it launches, the GPT Store is expected to allow users to create custom versions of GPT tailored to specific verticals or domains. Customers will also be able to monetize and share their AI models through the platform.

​Source: Reuters

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