OBS fixes Windows 11 22H2 capture issue, and Nvidia beats Intel with AV1 encode

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Intel Arc AV1
Intel touts AV1 benefits

Intel has been beaten by Nvidia in terms of support from AV1-related software. Team Blue made a big fuss over full AV1 support, ie, both decode and encode, on its Arc discrete cards back when it was launched. And while the company was able to tout itself being first to market with such hardware, Nvidia has caught up since with its RTX 4000 series Ada Lovelace cards and has beaten Intel to the punch in terms of software support.

OBS, or Open Broadcaster Software, is perhaps the most popular video streaming and recording applications in the world and the latest public version 28.1 has gained support for AV1 encoding on Nvidia RTX 4000. Intel Arc support though is still missing. The release notes says:

Added NVENC AV1 hardware encoder on Windows

  • Currently only works with the NV12 (OBS default) and P010 color formats
  • Currently does not support the “rescale” feature in advanced output mode
  • Only available for RTX 40 Series video cards from NVIDIA

Additionally, Nvidia NVENC encoder presets have also been split up with more capture options. Now, there are seven presets with P1-P7.

OBS 28.1 also fixes a Windows 11 22H2 related issue wherein older DirectX 9 titles had capture issues. The changelog says:

Fixed a bug where Direct3D 9 games stopped capturing properly with game capture on Windows 11 22H2

To download the new 28.1 version of OBS Studio, head over to its official website here.

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