Minecraft’s latest free DLC is Planet Earth III pack wher you can play as different animals

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planet earth iii minecraft

Minecraft is a game where normally players can build their structures while surviving the game’s “mobs.” Today, those players can do something a bit more in the game and maybe learn something as well.

In collaboration with the BBC, Minecraft players can download the new Planet Earth III DLC pack from both the Minecraft Marketplace as well as Minecraft Education. Best of all, the DLC is completely free. It’s based on the latest installment of the BBC’s natural world documentary series of the same name.

In a blog post, Mojang stated there are a number of different scenarios that players can check out as they become different animals who have to struggle to survive. One is Tides of Change, where you can play either as a fur seal on the South African coast trying to get something to eat or a great white shark who is trying to eat seals.

Another scenario in the DLC pack is Arctic Adversaries, where you can play either as an Arctic wolf hunting down a musk ox in the Canadian tundra or as the ox itself trying to keep its young calves safe.

In the Treetop Huntress scenario, you can experience what it might be like to be an impala on the African plains, trying to eat flowers, or as a leopard that uses the trees to jump down on an unlucky impala.

Those are just some of the scenarios that are available with this new and free Minecraft Planet Earth III DLC pack. It also has the BBC Planet Earth Field Station, which is a central hub where you can select which scene you want to experience. The blog adds:

For each completed activity, you’ll receive a reward to decorate the Field Station Hub, like in-game trophies, clothing items, and more. The central hub is also where you can keep track of all the activities you’ve completed, play with sound boards, replay activities, rewatch cinematics, and learn more about the amazing animals featured in Planet Earth III.

Finally, the DLC pack includes a free Great White Shark Character Creator item that your regular Minecraft character can wear in the game.

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