Minecraft Java and Bedrock Editions have now added Quick Play support for launching worlds

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Players of the popular Microsoft-owned sandbox game Minecraft have added a feature to both the Java and Bedrock editions that have been previously available in a different form for Xbox Series X and S consoles.

In a blog post, Minecraft developer Mojang has revealed that the game now includes Quick Play support. In short, the feature will allow Minecraft players to launch recently loaded game worlds nearly instantly, without having to go through all those loading and menu screens. This new addition is similar to the Quick Resume feature for Xbox Series X and S consoles, which lets players launch recently played games without the wait to load them.

In the case of Minecraft, Quick Play works when you enter a game world, and then leave to go to another one. The previous game world gets placed in the new Quick Play bar in the Minecraft launcher. When you want to recent, just click on that game world in the Quick Play bar and you should go nearly instantly to that world.

The blog post states the Quick Play bar saves the five most recent Minecraft worlds that you enter. If you play in a sixth world, the oldest world in the bar is removed automatically and the new world is put in its place.

At the moment, there’s no way to manually add game worlds, or remove them, on the Quick Play bar. All of this is done automatically. All of the Quick Play game world data is placed on the device that you play Minecraft on.

The feature is turned on by default on version 1.20 of the Java Edition and version 1.20.60 or later of the Bedrock Edition. You can disable Quick Play by going into the Minecraft Launcher’s Settings menu, and then head down to the Quick Play section. You can then uncheck the Quick Play box to shut down the feature. Disabling it will not affect the actual Minecraft game worlds you visit; it will just take longer to load them.

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