Microsoft updates WinUI 3 Gallery app to help developers create beautiful Windows apps

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A screenshot of the WinUI 3 Gallery App

Microsoft has released a new version of the WinUI 3 Gallery application, bringing a new icon and design guidance section, refreshed user experience, and various fixes to the project.

WinUI 3 Gallery is a reference application containing all controls developers can implement in their application built with Windows App SDK and WinUI 3. It works as a guide for integrating modern user interface elements into Windows applications, explains how to add motion and media, gives layout examples, and many more. Besides, developers can find links to the documentation and source code on GitHub (WinUI 3 is an open-source framework).

The latest version of the WinUI 3 Gallery app has added a new design guidance section where developers and enthusiasts can learn about typography, icons, colors, and accessibility features. Microsoft also says it has refreshed the overall user experience and fixed a few bugs. As a cherry on top, the app features a shiny new icon.

Following Microsoft’s UI and UX guidance for Windows apps results in beautiful and pleasing applications. If you know one or several apps with great design and rich features, you can nominate them to participate in the Microsoft Store Awards 2023.

The WinUI 3 Gallery application is available in the Microsoft Store for free.

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