Microsoft Translator adds support for 13 African languages, bringing its total to 124

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Microsoft continues to expand the reach of its Translator apps and services to more countries and cultures. This week, the company announced a major new addition to Translator, as it now supports 13 more African languages.

The new languages that are supported in Microsoft Translator are:

  • chiShona (7 million speakers)
  • Hausa (72 million speakers)
  • Igbo (40 million speakers)
  • Kinyarwanda (10 million speakers)
  • Lingala (65 million speakers)
  • Luganda (21 million speakers)
  • Nyanja (1 million speakers)
  • Rundi (12 million speakers)
  • Sesotho (14 million speakers)
  • Sesotho sa Leboa (15 million speakers)
  • Setswana (13 million speakers)
  • Xhosa (10 million speakers)
  • Yoruba (55 million speakers)

The new additions mean that 335 million more people can now use the Microsoft Translator apps to chat and communicate with others that don’t use those languages. It also means the Translator service now supports a total of 124 languages. You can learn more about each of the 13 newly supported African languages on the Translator blog post.

Microsoft has recently released a major update to the Translator app for iOS devices, and both the iOS and Android apps for Microsoft Teams added a feature in late 2022 that prompts for intelligent and automatic translations in chats.

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