Microsoft Rewards points are back to their previous amounts on their home page

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In late 2023, Microsoft started cutting back on the amount of points people could earn for completing daily tasks in its Microsoft Rewards program. When we asked Microsoft about those changes in late November 2023, a spokesperson would not offer a direct answer, saying only that the company “regularly evolved” the Rewards program over the years, adding, “We evaluate every change for consistency and fairness, tuning the methods and frequency through which our members can earn points.”

Now, it looks like Microsoft has walked back on at least some of those changes. According to Xbox enthusiast IdleSloth on his X (formerly Twitter) account, the number of points people could earn daily on the Rewards home page has gone back to their previous amounts.

In November, daily points went down to just one or two points for each task on the Microsoft Rewards page. Now those numbers are back to 5, 10, or even 30 points that Rewards members have earned.

There’s no word on why exactly Microsoft has backtracked on this issue. It’s possible that the amount of protests from long-time Microsoft Rewards members played a factor in this decision.

While the daily points that can be earned on the Microsoft Rewards pages may be back to previous levels, Microsoft has still made some changes in other aspects of the program. Xbox gamers recently found out that the number of weekly and monthly Xbox Game Pass Quest points they could earn has increased, but on the flip side, it might take them longer to complete these quests than it took under the previous system.

Microsoft has not been transparent at all about all of these changes that have been made to the Rewards program, and it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon.

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