Microsoft Paint gets Background Removal feature in the latest update

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Microsoft has announced a new update for Microsoft Paint app that brings the ability to remove backgrounds from images with a click of a button.

The Redmond giant announced the new update for Paint for Windows Insiders in Canary and Dev channel. With the new update, Microsoft is giving users an option to remove backgrounds from photos with ease, allowing them create perfect pictures with ease. Furthermore, the feature will also allow users to remove backgrounds from the entire canvas or from a selection within a canvas.

The feature is simple to use and requires the user to import a canvas into paint or just open an existing image using Paint. Once in Microsoft Paint, users can click on the Remove Background option on the remove background button on the top ribbon. This will instantly remove the background from the image. Alternatively, you can select a part of the image using the select tool and have Microsoft Paint remove the background of the selected area.

To get started, paste or import content onto the canvas and click on the new remove background button in the toolbar to remove the background on your entire image. You can also use the rectangle select to specify an area that you want to remove the background on.

Microsoft Paint Background Removal feature

The feature is currently rolling out to Windows Insiders in the Canary and Dev channel. To use background removal, you will need to ensure that you have Microsoft Paint version 11.2306.30.0 or above installed. If you are on Canary or Dev channel then you can head to the Microsoft Store to download the latest update. Do note that Microsoft released the version 11.2306.28.0 update unintentionally with “a bug where a confidentality banner is shown”. So you should make sure to download the latest update before using the Paint app.

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