Microsoft officially replaces the Microsoft 365 Chat app in Teams with Copilot

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Microsoft has been busy rebranding many of its generative AI services over the last few months with the Copilot name. Today, the company revealed it is doing it again with the Microsoft 365 Chat app in Microsoft Teams getting renamed to the Copilot app. Microsoft says the new app will offer Teams users the same generative AI features that are found on the and websites, along with the Bing search engine.

In a blog post, Microsoft stated that in addition to the name change, the new Copilot app in Teams will have some improvements and new features compared to the old Microsoft 365 Chat app. The new features include a way to see your Copilot chat history.

Microsoft teams copilot

The app also allows users to access better text prompts for Copilot, such as more personal prompts that are tied into your meetings, your files, and even the people that you work with and chat with in Teams. In addition, the app also includes a list of prompts stored in a library with the Copilot Lab option.

If users still have pinned the old Microsoft 365 Chat app Teams. Microsoft recommends they unpin the app and use the new pinned Copilot app. It should appear just above the Teams chats. The app is rolling out now so if you don’t see it right away it should show up in Teams very soon.

Microsoft announced back in December 2023 that the Teams service had over 2,000 apps in its dedicated store. It also mentioned that there were over 320 million worldwide monthly active users for Teams. It’s also been adding several new features recently, including support for using 3D avatar and virtual spaces in Teams meetings. Unconfirmed reports claim that Microsoft is testing a custom emoji generator in Teams that will be made available in a future update for the service.

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