Microsoft Lists apps for iOS and Android adds preview support for free Microsoft accounts

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In early 2022, Microsoft announced it was expanding access to its Microsoft Lists service beyond business and education users to anyone who signed up for a free Microsoft account (MSA). Now the Microsoft Lists – MSA Preview has expanded beyond the Lists website to include its iOS and Android apps.

Previously, the Microsoft Lists – MSA Preview was available for the iOS app but only under Apple’s TestFlight program and with the beta version. Now the preview will allow Microsoft account users to sign in with the stable iOS app in the Apple App Store and the Android app in Google Play. They can also continue to access it on the List website.

In a blog post, Microsoft stated:

We have been using the Microsoft Lists mobile apps here at Microsoft to plan morale events, gifts, roadmap items, travel expenses, and more – and we love it! Invite family, friends, and coworkers to co-track information. We know they’ll love it, too.

As a reminder, the Microsoft Lists service offers users the following features:

  • Stay organized – Track and manage contacts, work and life events, home maintenance, and more.
  • Easy to start – Use built-in templates to create lists in seconds.
  • Anywhere access – Create and work on lists and list items from your devices, anywhere you go.
  • Share and Collaborate – Bring people to your information and keep everyone in sync.
  • Switch to a bigger screen – Go from mobile to desktop with; don’t worry, your data stays in sync across devices – a single source of truth with multiple entry points.
  • Sign in with multiple accounts – Easily switch from personal and work accounts, supporting the ability to sign in with a Microsoft account and a work or school organization ID for Microsoft 365.

Microsoft has not yet revealed when it will make accessing the List service generally available for free Microsoft account users.

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