Microsoft kills Surface Duo 3, now plans a successor with a foldable display

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The Surface Duo 2 running Android 12L

A newly published report reveals details about the next generation of Microsoft’s dual-screen smartphones. According to an article by Windows Central, the software giant has scrapped its plans to release a successor to the current Surface Duo. Following a lukewarm reception after the Surface Duo 2 launch, Microsoft shifted its focus to now-traditional smartphones with foldable displays.

Microsoft initially planned to release the Surface Duo 3 with two displays by the end of 2023. The key changes should have included better edge-to-edge screens, more recent hardware, wireless charging support, and more. Now it is all gone, and Microsoft wants its next Android smartphone to feature a foldable display with a 180-degree hinge. Although Microsoft has patents for smartphones with 360-degree foldable displays, sources within the company claim engineers want to focus on a conventional 180-degree variant, like the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Unfortunately, there is no information on when Microsoft plans to ship the next-gen Surface smartphone. The sources are also unsure whether the Surface “Duo 3” will retain its lineup name. Moving away from the dual-screen form factor to a single-screen flexible configuration is a significant change, so do not be surprised if Microsoft comes out with a new lineup, which is what happened to the Surface Book and its Surface Laptop Studio successor.

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