Microsoft brings big Windows WSL upgrade with better memory, disk, network management

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A Windows 11 logo with a bloom-like background wallpaper

Microsoft has released the newest preview update (version 2.0.0) for Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). The new update brings multiple improvements with several experimental features like autoMemoryReclaim and Sparse VHD that will help in cache memory and disk space management.

Microsoft explains:

We reclaim a fixed portion of your VM’s memory size, which is calculated so that if your VM was full of cached memory it would go to zero cached memory after 30 minutes (e.g: If you have 3000MB of memory, we reclaim 100MB every minute).

Also, there are networking related enhancements as well with Mirrored mode which adds IPv6 support, better VPN support, among others. Aside from mirrored mode, DNS tunneling improvements and Firewall support has also been added.

The release notes are given below:

You can read more about the new WSL release on this page on Microsoft’s official website.

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