Microsoft announces dedicated Copilot apps for iOS and Android

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The Microsoft Copilot app in the Google Play Store

Microsoft has formally announced the recently spotted Copilot apps for Android and iOS. Copilot mobile apps are now official as a part of today’s feature drop for Microsoft’s AI-powered assistant.

Microsoft says the new Copilot apps for iOS and Android give customers access to the power of Copilot on the go. You can sign in with your Microsoft account and sync chats across devices, continue conversations started earlier, and use most of Copilot’s “magical capabilities” on a smaller screen.

Copilot mobile app for iOS and Android

Supported features also include access to GPT-4, DALLE-3 image generator, and the ability to upload pictures from your phone into conversations with Copilot. Future additions and upgrades will be available on mobile as well.

In addition to dedicated Copilot apps, Microsoft will soon launch an updated Microsoft 365 app with access to Copilot for individuals with Microsoft accounts, allowing you to interact with Copilot without leaving the app and exporting the content of your conversations into Word or PDF documents. However, if you want to use Copilot for drafting documents directly in Word or summarizing emails in Outlook, prepare to pay since those capabilities are part of Copilot Pro, a $20/mo subscription.

Other Copilot-related announcements include updates for commercial users (no more minimum seat requirement), Copilot GPTs focusing on specific topics, and the upcoming ability to build your own Copilot GPT using a simple set of prompts.

You can download the new Copilot app for Android from the Google Play Store. Those using iPhones and iPads can get the same app from the App Store using this link. The Microsoft 365 app is available here (Android) and here (iOS).

Interestingly, Copilot is also available on mobile via the Microsoft Edge browser, which recently got the new “AI Browser” name. Now you have a new way to interact with Copilot without switching from Chrome, Safari, or other mobile browsers.

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