Meet the news publishers with creative new ideas in Asia Pacific

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Many of these organizations emphasized the importance of giving a platform to local voices. Kīnga Voxpop from New Zealand offers voice-led engagement solutions for radio shows, podcasts, print and digital media. They’re partnering with local news outlet The Westport News, a community newspaper on NZ’s South Island, to help them expand their reach.

“We are thrilled to be working on an affordable and profitable model to diversify subscribers from newsprint to digital, with news for the ear and the eye,” says Peter Fowler, co-founder of Kīnga Voxpop Limited. “We want to help small town journalism not only survive, but thrive.”

A thriving news industry in Asia Pacific has never been more important, and we’re excited to see these recipients bring their innovative projects to fruition. More information about all the selected projects can be found on our website.

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