Limited time deals: Seagate 20TB 18TB 12TB 8TB CMR Hard Disk (HDD) for NAS, Plex servers

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It looks like now is the perfect time to build yourself a NAS or a Plex or a media server, or perhaps upgrade your existing one with more room for storage. That’s because Seagate hard disks are now selling at some of the cheapest prices they have ever been. The deals come in the form of IronWolf and Exos models (buying links below) which are based on Conventional Magnetic Recording or CMR technology, making them outstanding performers for these types of heavy-duty use cases.

Seagate IronWolf Pro

Get the Seagate CMR HDDs from the links below. These are all “Sold & Shipped by Newegg” itself and not by third-party vendors:

Although we generally also post Amazon links, we did not notice any better deals than the ones from Newegg above. Still, you can browse Amazon too via this link just in case we missed out.

If hard disks don’t interest you and you’re after faster storage options like SSDs, you can visit this article that covers internal NVMe drives. For portable or external SSD options, go through this article instead.

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