Latest Skype Insider update lets you rewrite messages using Bing AI

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Microsoft has announced the latest Skype Preview update for desktop and mobile with new text features powered by Bing AI. Like the recently updated SwiftKey app for Android and iOS, Skype Insider lets you compose and rewrite messages using different tones to “make every message a masterpiece.”

What is new in Skype Insider?

A screenshot of new Bing AI-powered features in Skype on iOS

Unveiling Bing’s AI-Powered Tone Rewrites in Skype! 🤖

Get ready to take your chat game to a whole new level! Our latest update brings Bing’s AI magic into your Skype chat composer, making every message a masterpiece. 🎨

  • Rewrite As You Write: As you start typing, we’ll offer you smarter, snappier, or more formal rewrites—your choice. Bye-bye, writer’s block!
  • Dynamic Overlay: Select a tone—be it Professional, Casual, or even Witty—and watch your words transform instantly in a pop-up overlay.
  • Real-Time Progress: No more guessing! Our overlay includes a spinner and progress sentences, keeping you updated every step of the rewrite process.
  • Actions in Overlay: Change your mind? No problem! Our overlay allows you to:

    • Change Tone: Switch between different tone categories.
    • Copy: Send the rewritten text to your clipboard.
    • Update: Replace your original text with the chosen rewrite.
    • Cancel: Go back to your original text.
  • Empty State: When there’s nothing in the composer, we keep it clean, no distractions. But if Bing has a suggestion, it’ll pop back up once you start typing.

Feel the power of AI-driven creativity and never settle for dull messages again!

In addition to new features, the update contains the following fixes:

  • Fixed issue requiring sign-in after receiving a call with Skype app closed on iOS.
  • Resolved bug where login credentials were not saved, even when ‘Remember Me’ was checked on iOS.
  • Improved accessibility: Synced screen reader labels with visible text for ‘Skype to Phone’ in Settings for a consistent user experience.

You can download the latest Skype Insider update from the official website. The app is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

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