KB5022370: Microsoft releases Dynamic update to improve Windows 11 Setup, WinRE, more

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Earlier today, Microsoft released KB5022370 Dynamic Update, labeled “critical” for Windows 11 version 21H2. The dynamic update helps to improve the setup process of Windows, generally when a new feature update, like say Windows 11 2022 update, initiates.

The support article for the new KB5022370 update says:

KB5022370: Setup Dynamic Update for Windows 11, version 21H2


This update makes improvements to Setup binaries or any files that Setup uses for feature updates in Windows 11, version 21H2.

In a Techcommunity blog post about Windows 10 Dynamic Updates, Microsoft explained Dynamic Updates in more detail regarding its various components and uses. These packages include fixes to Setup.exe binaries, SafeOS updates for Windows Recovery Environment, and more:

As soon as a Windows 10 feature update initiates, whether from media or a Windows Update service-connected environment, Dynamic Update is one of the first steps invoked. Windows 10 Setup reaches out to an Internet-facing URL hosted by Microsoft to fetch Dynamic Update content, then applies those updates to your OS installation media.

Content acquired includes:

  • Setup Updates: Fixes to Setup binaries or any files that Setup uses for feature updates.
  • Safe OS Updates: Fixes for the “safe OS” that are used to update Windows recovery environment (WinRE).
  • Servicing Stack Updates: Fixes that are necessary to address the Windows 10 servicing stack issue and thus required to complete the feature update.
  • Latest Cumulative Update: Installs the latest cumulative quality update.
  • Driver Updates: Latest version of applicable drivers that have already been published by manufacturers into Windows Update and specifically targeted for Dynamic Update.

In addition to these updates, Dynamic Update will preserve Language Pack (LP) and Features on Demand (FODs) content during the upgrade process. These are not updates to LPs and FODs, but reacquisition to ensure the user has these elements present with the update completes.

The Dynamic update is available only via Microsoft Update Catalog. You can download it by visiting this link.

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