KB5018482 for Windows 10 is out with fixes for gaming, updates, time zones, and Edge

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Windows 10 users who do not plan to update to Windows 11 due to personal preferences, incompatible hardware, or other reasons can grab a new optional update with several quality-of-life improvements. KB5018482 is now available for supported Windows 10 versions with gaming, Windows Update, Microsoft Edge, and other fixes.

Here is the full changelog for Windows 10 KB5018482 (build version 19042.2193, 19043.2193, and 19044.2193):

  • It addresses an issue that causes an OS upgrade to stop responding, and then it fails.

  • It addresses an issue that affects the font of three Chinese characters. When you format these characters as bold, the width size is wrong.

  • It addresses an issue that affects Microsoft Direct3D 9 games. The graphics hardware stops working if the hardware does not have a native Direct3D 9 driver.

  • It addresses graphical issues in games that use Microsoft D3D9 on some platforms.

  • It addresses an issue that affects Microsoft Edge when it is in IE Mode. The titles of pop-up windows and tabs are wrong.

  • It addresses an issue that affects the lasso tool in a graphics editing program.

  • It stops the start of daylight saving time in Jordan at the end of October 2022. The Jordan time zone will permanently shift to the UTC + 3 time zone.

You can download KB5018482 from Windows Update or the Microsoft Update Catalog (manual installation). Note that this is a non-security optional update, and you are not obliged to install it immediately.

Those already running Windows 11 with its latest cumulative update might be interested in checking out the hidden tablet-optimized taskbar that also enables a “compact taskbar” on regular desktops without touchscreens.

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