How to take great ID photos with your Google Pixel

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2. Find the right spot with natural light

Next, you’ll need to do a little location scouting. “Find a background that is simple and doesn’t distract from you, the subject,” says Michael. Remember: With a portrait photo like this, you’re the star of the show, not whatever’s behind you. “For simplicity’s sake, I suggest a solid color background. Traditionally this could be white or off-white, but eye-catching, bright colors can work well, too,” says Michael.

Once you’ve found a background you like, make sure the lighting’s good. “The ideal location for headshots is near a window with plenty of natural light or outside just inside some shade,” says Michael. “Make sure that the light isn’t shining directly on your face. You’re looking for somewhere brightly lit, but with indirect natural light.” Real Tone on Pixel will also help here — it’ll automatically adjust white balance and brightness to accurately capture a diverse range of skin tones.

Plus, pay attention to the time when taking your photos. “The best time of day to capture will depend on your specific location. “Scout the location throughout the day to determine what time has plenty of great indirect light,” Michael recommends. “That way, the light will reflect off the ground or another surface and bounce towards your face, creating this nice diffused lighting effect — and that’s the key to a good photo.”

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