Honda Asks For Overpaid Bonus Money Back

Big bonuses went awry for a group of factory employees last week, according to NBC4.

Bloomberg / Contributor / Getty Images

Honda worker at plant in Marysville, Ohio in May 2006.

Workers at the Honda plant in Marysville, were overpaid bonuses — then asked to give the extra cash back to the company.

The company confirmed the mistake in a statement to Entrepreneur.

“Earlier this month Honda provided bonus to its associates, some of whom received overpayments,” Chris Abbruzzese, a Honda spokesperson, said.

“Issues related to compensation are a sensitive matter, and we are working quickly on this item to minimize any potential impact to our associates,” Abbruzzese added.

But it’s not easy to let go of . One spouse of a worker who was asked to give a portion of their bonus back — almost 8% — told the outlet the amount was “you know, a car payment. That’s half of our mortgage…that’s two, three weeks’ worth of groceries. That’s a lot of money for us.”

In a memo sent to employees, the company gave employees the option to pay back a portion of the bonus within nine days, by September 22, have it deducted from future paychecks, or have it taken out of future bonuses.

Honda, like other carmakers, had a rough year between shortages and Covid-related supply chain issues, but its most recent earnings report featured a more optimistic profit outlook, boosted by a weaker Chinese yen, according to Bloomberg.

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