Gordon thinks small form factor PCs suck. Does Gamers Nexus agree?

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Small form factor PCs, the teeny-tiny desktops that can still manage to cram full-power gaming parts into a minuscule build, offer some of the most eye-catching designs in the PC building world. They’re also terrible, impractical little piles of [redacted], according to PCWorld Executive Editor and enthusiastic station wagon owner Gordon Mah Ung. But what does Steve Burke of GamersNexus think? You’ll have to watch the latest PCWorld YouTube video to find out!

This video is basically a fun little back and forth between Gordon and our special guest Steve, who’s representing all the happy SFF owners and builders out there. You might also notice a few editorial touches from video producers (and fellow SFF fans) Adam and Willis. For more nerdy back-and-forth with some of the smartest PC geeks on the web, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, and check out the GamersNexus channel while you’re over there.

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