Google will reportedly let Android partners launch smart TVs with Amazon Fire TV OS

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The Fire TV OS interface

Google is now reportedly easing its restrictions on platforms from using Amazon’s Fire TV OS. There has seemingly been a deal between Google and Amazon that permits Amazon to work with brands like TCL and Hisense to add Fire TV OS on their smart TVs.

The issue unraveled last week after the Competition Commission of India (CCI) published a report highlighting issues with Google’s restricting policies towards Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Amazon. In a statement to the CCI, Amazon mentioned there are at least seven TV brands that are restricted from working with Amazon as it would violate their agreements with Google. There is also a fear of retaliation from Google on other business units that produce Android devices. It stated:

“In several cases, the OEM has indicated that it cannot work with Amazon despite a professed desire to do so in connection with smart TVs. In others, the OEM has tried and failed to obtain ‘permission’ from Google.”

Now, with the deal reportedly in place, companies like TCL, Xiaomi, and Hisense can inculcate Amazon Fire TV OS in their smart TVs. Hence, now, TCL has announced new Fire TV models launching in Europe. This news by TCL was preceded by the announcements by Xiaomi and Hisense earlier this year.

Google has not made any official statements regarding the situation, and neither did Google’s spokesperson comment on the previous proceedings by Xiaomi and Hisense regarding the smart TVs in the making.

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